The Blue Sky Tag

Hello mellonins! It’s Kiki 🙂 I recently got tagged by Kaitlyn for The Blue Sky Tag! Thanks, Kait! So, let’s get started!


1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer there 11 questions
3. Tag 11 new people
4. Give them 11 more questions to answer


1. Who was your first doll that you got? (doesn’t have to be AG)                                 Well, I’m going to stick to AG cause it’s easier 😀 December 25, 2009 I got two dolls for Christmas, Ruthie Smithens and Chrissa Maxwell. I opened Ruthie first so ‘technically’ Ruthie was my first doll. In autumn 2014, I gave away Ruthie to a girl that I was sort of friends with cause I didn’t want her anymore.                                                                             2. What’s your favorite American Girl doll?                                                                       Ooh, that’s tough. Too tough. I’m just going to give a list 😀 For Gotys I like: Marisol Luna, Mia St. Clair, Chrissa Maxwell, Sonali Matthews, Lanie Holland, Kanani Akina, Saige Copeland, Isabelle Palmer, Grace Thomas, Lea Clark and Luciana Vega.

For Historical/Beforevers I like: Felicity Merriman (the old version), Emily Bennett, Rebecca Rubin, Marie-Grace Gradner, Maryellen Larkin and Nanea Mitchell.

For Other Dolls I like: Z and Tenney.
3. If you could design any thing for American Girl, what would it be?                         The Girl of The Year and her collection!
4. How did you learn about American Girl?                                                                        Ever since I can remember I liked them. I used to get the magazines. I really loved Felicity for awhile but I later changed my mind to Ruthie 😉
5. What’s your favorite AG pet?                                                                                                      I don’t know, I don’t really care about the pets that much. I only own Praline but I like Nanea’s dog cause she looks like, Lily 😀
6. What’s your favorite item AG sells?                                                                                    Um, almost all of them.
7. What 18 inch doll brand do you like to buy from?                                                           Uh, American Girl.
8. Who’s your favorite AGTuber?                                                                                         Mmm, I don’t watch much AG YT but I like Small Dolls in a Big World, AG smiles, Forever and Dollways and Chloe’s American Girl Doll Channel.
9. Who’s your favorite BeForever character?                                                                     Rebecca and Nanea.
10. What’s your favorite thing to do with your dolls?                                                   Photograph them, dress them, do their hair and of course blog about them!
11. What’s your favorite kind of doll related post?                                                                Photo-shoots, review posts, clothing hauls, or anything fashion-related, Bloggers thoughts on new AG releases and I think that’s it. 












Just re-answer these questions cause they’re pretty great😜

I’m one short  and I don’t care 😄 Well, thanks for reading 🙂 Comment down below: What is your favorite AG doll American Girl has ever made? Or you could just give a list like I did 😀




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