This Doll Needs a Name!

Hello, Guys! It’s Kiki! Today, I have a nice game called ‘This Doll Needs a Name!’ I’ve done this game once last year and you guys seemed to like it, so I brought it back! All you have to do is list names that you think this doll looks like and I’ll choose 5 names I like the best. Then you guys have to vote which of the five names you like the best! Ok, so here’s the doll!

Also, this image does not belong to me!


Have fun!

img_9654-1Ps: #55 is so cute!



55 thoughts on “This Doll Needs a Name!

  1. I’m gonna have to say Forest, because my 55 is named Forest XD, but also Everest, or like Tyler maybe?? I know they’re not like typical girl names but wHATEVER I like them okayyyy
    ~Julia ❀

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        1. You have preschool aged siblings? Because if you do you need to force them to watch it. They will like it ❀ My little sis is almost 7 and adores that show. She crawls around on her hands and knees and says she's Spy Chase. It's very cute.

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          1. I was at a park once and there were these adorable kids playing. They asked me to play with them so I did. They were playing different dogs from the show Paw Patrol! They did exactly the same thing that your sibling does! I used to watch Paw Patrol, but now it is boring. I know this probably has nothing to do with what you’re talking about.


            1. Well, I have this weird hobby of watching preschool shows for no apparent reason. My favourite is Thomas the Tank Engine. Gahh I love a good old Classic Thomas. Of course the newer stuff is dumbed down and not as much fun, but before season 7? Great…

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                  1. Sofia the first and Elena of avolor. I used to watch pbs kids as well but since I’ve moved the schedule got messed up so I barely watch it anymore πŸ™‚

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  2. Names I think would work:
    Leah (she looks like my cousin who has that name)
    Hazel (I’m sure someone already suggested this)
    I also saw someone suggest Everest, and I really like that one.
    That’s all πŸ™‚

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