Felicity book 1 cover leaked! 

Yo, Guys! It’s Kiki! Yes, more leaks! But I’m sure none of you are complaining 😋 Anyway, apparently Felicity is coming back. I think it’s great that they’re bringing back retired historical dolls! So, here is what her book 1 cover looks like!

             Cute, huh? I really love this cover! The actress looks nice, and the horse is cute.
Her dress resembles this one

                                          What do you guys think? Felicity used to be my absolute favorite when I was 4 or 5. If her eyes aren’t so bright green I’ll  definitely consider her! But if they are bright green who knows I might fall in love with her😍 Which is a high possibility!
The source of these image are: American Girl Doll News.


46 thoughts on “Felicity book 1 cover leaked! 

  1. Yay! I can’t wait for Felicity to come out! When I was younger, I hoped Felicity would come back, and Rae said that she doubted it. But then Samantha came back, and I said, “I told you that Felicity could come back.” or something like that. I’m excited for her release but I probably won’t get her just yet she looks a lot like Mary.

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          1. Sweet! We have some old typewriters from my passed-on great grandpa, maybe they still have a little ink… JK XD my mom’s camera doesn’t work anyway. Someone dropped her phone once too often… 😆

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