When I arrived- Pictures of my Trip!

Hi!!! I’m officially back! 😉 So, it’s time to show you guys when I arrived in Oklahoma! Let’s get started!

img_3928Isn’t the cabin beautiful?

img_3915img_3918These 2 pictures are on the left of the cabin 🙂

img_3927On the right of the cabin is our on playground(Which gave me a lot of painful splinters)!

img_3935img_3936In the back of the cabin is a porch, a and hot tub!

img_3923For dinner we had a local burger place. They were ok, and yes they were very sloppy. Don’t forget greasy too!

On the ride to Oklahoma was short(Me, and Chance just watched movies, and played on our Ds), and I loved that it was somewhat cooler!

img_3554Here’s me playing! Stay tuned for The Mysterious Ville of Tov!  Day 2 will be posted on  3 Girls and Randomness   Day 3 will be posted on Kiki’s Life                                                             


img_3900 Ps: How do you like this Unicorn I painted? 🙂

Pps: Click my blog title names to see them!

Ppps: I officially changed my blog name to Kiki Through the Looking-Glass! I love this title so much! Thank you Mom for the idea!



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