Fan Bun- Spanish- Day 2

Does your doll want her hair out of her face? But she also want’s to look fashionable? Try the Fan Bun!  Let’s begin!

What you’re going to need: 5 bobby pins, Ponytail holder, Doll, Headband(optional), brush.

imageStart tying it off with an elastic.

imageDon’t pull all the hair through. Leave a little weird bun on top of her head.

imageThe excess hair in the back wrap it around the ponytail holder, and bobby pin it in place.

imageLike that. It’s not called a Fan bun for no reason. So, now fan out the bun.

imageTake a little hair on the ends and bobby pin it to her head.

imageLike this so it look like a Fan not a floating bun. repeat on the other side.

imageIt should look like this. Now, you can add a headband for decoration.

imageEnjoy! I love this hairstyle! I’m actually wearing it in my hair right now! I made this Hairstyle Spanish cause I like to watch Spanish shows and a lot of the girls wear this bun.  So there you go! Your dolls will love this Hair do! Tell me if you tri  ed it!

-Kiki-     Stay tuned for Dutch pigtails- Gym! Airing tomorrow!




16 thoughts on “Fan Bun- Spanish- Day 2

    1. The weekends are when I spend time with my family so Monday. I can’t post every day sometimes I need a break from being inside. I don’t mean to sound rude. Thank you for being my number uno fan, Rae! Email/ skype/ comment you soon! 🐰-Kiki-🐰

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