Episode 2 of AG Olympics-Track

Hello! Kiki here. It is the second day of the Olympics. Track is the next sport, and the girls are getting warmed up.

imageCarlin: Are you guys ready?

Kamille: I think so.

Saige: I’ve been born ready.

Meritt: Bring it on!

They’re about to begin.

Chrissa: On your mark get set……………GO!!!

And they’re off! Saige is in first so far . Carlin is in second, Meritt is in….

Kamille: OWW!!

imageKamille has fell and broke her ankle. She will no longer be able to compete, but that’s not stopping Saige, Carlin, and Meritt.

imageSaige is only a couple feet away from the finish line with Carlin right behind her. Meritt is still in third, and Kamille is waiting for the ambulance. Carlin sped up now Saige and Carlin are neck and neck, but Saige crossed it first!

imageCarlin is in second, and bringing up the rear is Meritt. Of course who’s out is Kamille. Stay tuned for Episode 3 swimming! it will be aired on Tuesday! I’m thinking for my new blog name Kiki’s Star Dollings. What do you think? bye!  -KIKI-




7 thoughts on “Episode 2 of AG Olympics-Track

  1. Oh ow poor Kami that must hurt. Congrats, Saige! Kiki’s Star Dollings? I probably never would have thought of that. Great idea. 🙂 Also tell Kam that I’m sorry she broke her ankle. 😦

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