I tried CODING!

Hi! I have finally tried coding! I’m very proud of myself for trying. It actually isn’t as hard as I thought. It’s really simple. There were three versions, Frozen, Minecraft, and Starwars. I, of course, picked Starwars!  So here’s my game! Note: It’s very simple not complex. Don’t get the stormtroppers you will get minus points. Comment below, and tell me what you think!-  https://studio.code.org/c/244306189


26 thoughts on “I tried CODING!

    1. Great game! I played it. Good job! 😀
      (I probably wouldn’t be able to do it as i said, coding messes with my brain… well i havent exactly tried it but… I’d probably end up blowing my computer up…. haha 😛 )

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