My new obsession=Project Mc2

Hi! As you can see by the title I’m obsessed with Project Mc2. You may be asking what is Project Mc2? Well it’s a line of dolls who LOVE  S.T.E.M(Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Since I like all those things as well I was interested in the dolls. I bought my first one yesterday(I hope for more). They have a series on Netflix. And(Here’s the good part 😉 ) It is related to AG! You may be asking how? Well 3 of the actresses are from AG movies!  What?!?! I was excited when I found out too! Mika Abdalla is Mckeyla she played Dylan is Saige. Ysa Penarejo is Camryn she played Toulane in Mckenna. Genneya Walton is Bryden she played Renata in Isabelle. Now I’ll show you the dolls!

(Left to right). Camryn Coyle love engineering. Mckeyla McAlister she loves it all!(She’s most like me). Adrienne Attoms  is a culinary chemist! Bryden Bandweth is a tech genius!

I got Core doll Camryn Coyle!

imageimageimageI did a simple fishtail.

Now, you can buy dolls with science projects or you just buy a doll. I love that they’re in to science and math(Cause I always was) and that there styles are unique! Well I have told you everything I can think of of My new obsession. Oh yeah have you ever heard of Project Mc2? Cause a lot of doll bloggers have EAH. Post you soon!    -Kiki-

Ps: There eyes are no painted on and there figure is extremely thin but there bottoms are big (I know it makes no sense).


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