AG pies! -Doll food craft

HELLO! So, as you know Kaitlyn did pizza’s out of caps so I’m doing pies! Note: This is an in depth coloring craft not cutting out colored construction paper. What your going to need: paper, colored pencils, scissors, stapler. imageStart by tracing around the cap.

imageThe paper circle might be a little big so trim it down. Next pick your colors. I did blueberry pie but you can do cherry, lemon, apple, raspberry, peach, blackberry etc. Pick three colors that around the main color. Start drawing ring around the edge.

imageMake each ring a different color and make a pattern.

imageOnce your done around the edge keep repeating in the inside. 

imageNow that your done cut out little strips of paper for the crust. imageOne section is for up and down and the other is for side to side.

image     Staple the up and down strips first then weave the side to side strips then staple.

imageThen your done! Isn’t it beautiful when you color it yourself instead of construction paper? It might take longer but it’s worth it!  BYE     -Kiki-  


16 thoughts on “AG pies! -Doll food craft

  1. Cute! I love how you did the filling! Molly is looking over my shoulder right now.

    Mmmm…. Pie……… -Molly


    As you can see Molly loves this craft too.

    “I’m hungry”

    “There’s some pizza in the fridge,”

    “I’m hungry for a different kind of pie.”

    “Molly….. I don’t have a lid yet…..”

    “OK then, time to get searching. Ooh I’m going to tell Sammie!”

    So it looks like I’ll be making this craft soon
    When I get a lid of course



    “Molly you know I made you your own tablet?”

    “Yeah but..….”

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  2. Hey Kiki I know that I’m a new face to see on your blog but hi! I have the best est more important news to tell you EVER!!!!!! You’ve been recently nominated for a bloggy award on my blog I REALLY hope that you can check it out also it’d awesome if you could vote on my blog as well as possibly sharing about it on your blog. Thanks for your time! Bye! -Kayla

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  3. I made pie for my dolls! I didn’t look at the tutorial while i did it though so it didn’t turn out like yours. Mine may have not been perfect, but at least my dolls are happy 😛 I made apple pie for my dolls 🙂

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    1. And it was delicious! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………Could you make more food tutorials in the future?Maybe today? Nevermind. Rae says AG Olympics are today if she’s right. But plzz make cookies next! Or maybe brownies! Or cake! Or Icecream or…. Ice cream……………………….yum………………………
      Ugh rae says I already had to much sugar today.
      But please make some more food tutorials soon!

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