Headband into clothes! -Craft

Hi! I’m doing swimming for one of the Olympics sports and I needed a bikini top so I got a headband. Cut, sew, and viola! You got your self a bikini top or bra.

What you’re going to need: Scissors, needle and thread, headband.

First get your headband and put it around your doll’s chest. Next, In the back get the excess headband and cut it off.

imageimageThe excess that you cut off keep it cause we’re going to turn it into the straps!   imageYou should only have a little excess left around the back of her chest. Sew it together.

imageOnce you have sewed it together it’s time to make arm holes! Cut little snips around the arm.

imageThen once you did that keep cutting in a around-ish shape.

imageNow, get that excess that I said we were going to make into straps. Cut it down the middle.

imageimageGet one of the pieces and place it where it on her shoulder.



Sew the straps on and repeat on the other side.

imageI ran out of purple thread so yellow was next it looks good with her blue underwear! 😉

Note: Get you doll’s hair in a pony or bun and be careful not to cut her neck strings!




12 thoughts on “Headband into clothes! -Craft

  1. When will you post again? Again… Sorry. You know me. I am always excited for new posts 😜 When do you want the pics? Is it ok that they’re not outside? 🐹-rae-🐹

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      1. Ok! I hope we can skype today! My cousins are supposed to be over today (again, grrr) but they’re leaving tomorrow so if we can’t Skype today then we can probably Skype tomorrow. I don’t want to skip skyping again.

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