Coming Home!

She’s coming back!”, Carlin announced eagerly at breakfast.

“What?”, Saige asked.

“You know our sister”, Kamille chimed in.

“Meritt?”, Saige gasped amazed.

“Yes”, Carley said while taking a bite of cereal.

Chrissa perked up as if she was now listening.

“Wait, I thought she was taking care of Grandma and Grandpa?”, Chrissa questioned.

“Well, she was but then Grandpa died. Grandma is coming to live with us for awhile in two weeks.”, Carlin explained.

“Oh, that’s sad”, Chrissa said with tears running down her cheeks. Kamille got up and walked to Chrissa.

“I know, I know”, Kamille said while hugging Chrissa with tears now running down her cheeks.


“At least Grandma gets to live with us”, Saige said trying to look on the bright side.

Chrissa lifted her head that was buried in Kam’s shoulder.

“I guess”, Chrissy answered.

Carlin jumped out of her seat.

“C’mon, guys, we have to get ready for Meritt!”, Carley said with enthusiasm. “We’re losing day light”.

“She’s right!”, Kamille agreed.

They all sat in silent for a moment thinking about what to do first.

“What kind of gift are we going to get her?”, Saige inquired.

“Umm, what about an outfit?”, Kamile suggested.

“That sounds good!”, Carley agreed.

“Ok then you and Kam can go shopping. While Chrissa and I clean up and stuff”, Saige instructed.

“Come on Kami, it’s time to go shopping!”, Carley exclaimed.

Carlin and Kamille asked their Aunt to drive them(their Mom and Dad are on a business trip) to the clothing store.

Their Aunt locked the car then they walked into the store.

“Ah, I love the smell of new clothes”, Kamile said while inhaling.

“Me, too”, Carley agreed.

“Allee and Mia!”,There aunt yelled, “I’ll be sitting here, call me if you need me”.

“Ok”, they both said at once.

They walked to the girl section of the clothing store.

“Let’s look at the dresses”, Carlin stated.


“Ok, there are tons of options”, Kamille declared, “What about this one?”.

Kamille showed Car a pink dress with a floral pattern.

“No, it’s summer let’s doing something that doesn’t have long sleeves”, Carlin stated.

Kamille looked at another rack of dresses.

“What about this one?”, Kam inquired, “It even comes with a shawl”.


Carlin examined the dress closely.

“Yup, this is the one”, she said.

They purchased the dress and went home.

“Saige, we’re home!”, Mia shouted .

Saige walked to the front door.

“Good, she’s going to be here in 5 minutes “, Saige declared.

They all stood in silence for a moment.

“What’s for dinner?”, Kam asked

“Chrissa is making cheese burgers and Oreo milkshakes”,Saige replied. “It’s her favorite food”.

“Yum!”, Carlin said while day dreaming her eating a big juicy cheese burger.

Chrissa came in from the patio.

“Dinner is ready!”, Chrissa exclaimed.

Ding dong the door bell rang. Kamille answered the door.

“Hi, Meritt!”, Kam exclaimed

They gave a big hug.


Carley walked to the living room to give Meritt her present.

“Um, here Meritt”, Carlin held out the gift to her.

She opened it eagerly.


“Thank you so much”, Meritt said elated.

“Your welcome”, Carlin and Kamille both said.

Meritt’s stomach growled.

“What’s for dinner?”, Meritt questioned.

“Something you’re going to love”, Saige and Chrissa both said.


Everyone broke out into giggles.

THE END.  by: 🐰-KIKI-🐰








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