Meet my dolls’ friends!

Hi! You’ve probably been wondering who is Mary and Molly and all that stuff? Well here’s the post! I teamed up with Awesome123 and Hamstermaniac12 so we can show you there dolls! let’s get started!

imageThis is Hamstermaniac12’s doll! Name: Molly. Middle name: Allyn. B-day: Jan 13, 2004. Fav colors: Olive green and turquoise. Fav dinner: Orange chicken. Fav dessert: Rootbeer floats. Personality: Sweet, Caring, and a Animal lover!. Hobbies: Drawing, and hanging out with my furry friends and my BFF Carley! Fav animal: Hamsters. Random fact: I LOVE hamsters!  Nickname: Mol

imageThis is also Hamstermaniac12’s other doll! Name: Samantha. Middle Name: Rose. B-day: Apr 4, 2005. Personality: Adventurous, animal lover, brave. Fav colors: Light blue. Fav dinner: Pasta. Fav dessert: Fruit salad. Hobbies: Hiking, gymnastics, and playing fetch with my dog Sandy. Fav animal:  Dogs. Random fact: I can run for a long time. Nickname: Sammie.

imageWe’re now on to Awesome123’s dolls! Name: Mary. Middle Name: Kate. B-day: feb 1, 2006. Personality: sweet and a good friend. Fav dinner: Meatloaf. Fav dessert: Ice cream. Hobbies: Writing in her journal, reading, drawing with her BFF Saige. Fav animal: Puppies. Random fact: I have reading glasses. Fav color: Turquoise.

imageAwesome123’s other doll. Name: Sara. Middle Name: Grace. B-day: Dec 27, 2005. Personality: Can be grumpy sometimes, but overall nice. Fav color: green. Fav dinner: Spaghetti. Fav dessert: Ice cream. Hobbies: Skating, Skyping her friends Allee, Kam, Sai, and Chrissy. Fav animal: Horses. Random fact: I get grumpy if I don’t eat!

There’s My doll’s friends! Hope you enjoyed getting to know Awesome123 and HamsterManiac’s dolls!   bYe      🐰-Kiki-🐰


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