Q & A!

Hi!  I’m the news reporter, and I’m sitting here with Saige, Kamile, Carlin, and Chrissa.  As you know their parents own the AG stores.  The fans have been asking questions so we got together to answer them.  The fans are ecstatic!  Let’s begin!

Me: Do you girls play with dolls?

Carlin: Yes, all the time!

Me: Besides your parents owning the AG stores do you do anything else that people recognize?

Saige: Yes Carley and I both are signers. Car also does modeling(for the AG magazines)along with Kam, and Chrissy does ballet.

Me: How many pets do you have, and who owns them?

Kamile: We have 4 pets. Chris has a cat named Praline, Saige has a husky named Pepper, I have a lama named Starburst, and Carley has a camel named Sunshine.

Me: Do you girls like being recognized and famous?

Chrissa: It has its ups and downs.

Me: Thank you, girls for answering some very requested questions!

Carlin: It’s our pleasure!

Kamile: Yes!

Thank you for tuning in on our interview! Good bye!



11 thoughts on “Q & A!

  1. Wow cool Q & A! You should post more stuff like that soon!! I think it’s awesome that you have a doll sized camel! Please post again soon!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D🐹-rae-🐹

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