The Missing Star. Chap 1

Wha whoo are the screams of mega fans in the concert. I say mega cause these people(including me) paid a lot of money to come here and travel! That’s why you see luxury seats, only three people in each section and you get to meet the singer when she’s done singing!


(I’m the girl on the left with knee length leggings and a striped tunic. Riley Poole. the people next to me are fans).

The singer is named Starley(I know weird name)but she has an amazing voice!             Starley became famous a year ago when she taped  her singing and put it on YouTube.  I’ve been following her since day one! “That’s all folks for singing” she said. “Now,get in line and you can meet me!                             image

I nearly jumped out of my seat till I felt a tap. It was the girl next to me. “Yes?” I asked nervously. She asked. “Do you have any gum?” That’s a weird question I thought. “Sure, strawberry shortcake or mint?”, I inquired pulling the gums out of my pocket. “Mint and thanks”, she said while snatching the gum from my hand. “You’re welcome”,I said irritated.   imageStarley’s agent shouted in a British accent. “Get in line you two she’s already met every one else”. “I ran in line. “Hi, Hon what’s your name? “My name is Jane”, Jane said with a British accent sweetly. “I’m Riley”, I responded. “Nice to meet you, Riley”, she’s right over here”, she informed me. “Thank you”, I said nicely.     imageI started walking then I saw her. “Hi”, Starley declared. “I’m Starley as you know”, she said while chuckling. “I’m Riley”, I said a little stunned. “I met a Riley yesterday that kind of looked like you”, Starley said. “Where”, I asked. “The Cheesecake factory”, she declared. “That’s where I work!”, I exclaimed. “You probably didn’t recognize me cause I was wearing a purple wig and heart shaped sunglasses. “Oh yeah, I remember. You ordered  the red velvet cheesecake. “Wow, here’s my phone number maybe we can be friends?”, She suggested. “Definitely, here’s mine”, I said while writing. “I have another person to meet but I’ll call you”, She declared. “Ok, bye”, I said while leaving.                             image                        As soon as I was about to walk out of the building I heard a sharp horrifying scream!                                   image


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