Molly’s back?!-Catching up

Hey, Guys! It’s Christiana! I know, it’s been awhile since I last posted. Life has been crazy recently.

Anyway, how’s life for you? Ya know it’s been months and schools started and all this craziness. I would love to catch up with you. Ok, ok, I’ll get to the real reason of this post 😉

I was at Costco yesterday and saw……………………. Molly McIntire!!!! I know right?!? I mean I’m not terribly shocked because she did get a new book and stuff so it’s only a matter of time but it was still exciting to see her when she isn’t even on AG’s website! I’m sorry, I didn’t take any pictures. When I went to Orlando, in March, my Mom asked a guy who worked at American Girl if Molly was coming back and he said no. So, he either lied or didn’t know, I guess 🤷‍♀️

What do you think about her being back? Do you guys all want to go to Costco now? 😂 Tell me in the comments down below and thanks for reading 😊

The Boho Girl is on Instagram!

What’s up, Guys? It’s Christiana! As I told you in THIS post I got Instagram, but that is a personal account so I decided to make a public blog one!

Here’s the link:

So, make sure to follow 😉 I’ll be posting mostly, AG and life stuff! I’m very happy to finally be part of AGIG! Also, tell me in the comments down below if you have AGIG so I can follow you 🙂

Well, thank you for reading this extremely short post and checking out my Insta!

Have a great day,




May/June Synopsis- 2018

Hey, Guys! It’s Christiana 🙂 I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in almost a month. May has been kinda busy for me and I think June will be the same. I would post Orlando part three but I’ve been gone awhile and a lot has happened so I decided to post a synopsis instead but I will post part 3 very soon after (I know you guy are probably tired of hearing my terrible excuses. I feel really bad but I will get to it 😊) Anyway, let’s begin!

Like I told you in THIS post, my Jewish youth teen group had a ‘end of year banquet’ and that was May 27. I had an ok time (it was a stressful day 😄). I got my hair and makeup done and it was kind of a disaster. The woman who did my hair didn’t know how to do literally anything (she couldn’t even braid and even did bad twists) and she took an hour to pretty much accomplish nothing. So, I had to do my hair when I got home and it took 2 minutes. My makeup went better, the woman wasn’t bad but it was very extreme and I looked like a makeup app, literally 😄 Plus, my eye’s were watering like crazy but my lipstick stayed on all night even when I ate and drank! Here are some pictures:

I’m beginning the process of getting my Driver’s Permit! Once, I do six units and turn 15 (which is less than a month away) I can get my permit, then six months later and when I finish all 32 units I can get my Driver’s License!

I’m being enrolled to a public High-school. It’s like extremely stressful cause I might have to re-do 9th grade cause some of the things I was learning in homeschool is not what they were learning. Fun, right? 😫

I got a phone! You’re probably wondering: Uh, didn’t you have a phone before? Well, yes I did but that wasn’t hooked up to a line and it was an iPhone 5. I’ve been wanting a phone for like ever but since I was home-schooled I had no reason to get one but since I’m going to be driving, going to school, and go to my Jewish teen group, I have reasons! I also got an Instagram account at the beginning of May.

I started working out in May (cause of the banquet) and wanted to keep it up so I’ve been doing it in June as well. It feels great and I’ve noticed some improvements!

I saw Solo on Memorial day and it wasn’t to bad; not my favorite SW movie but not the worst even though there is no worst 😄 I don’t know if I liked Last Jedi or Solo better though  Maybe, Solo, Idk

I watched Cobra Kai on YT red and it’s really good, I enjoyed it😍

I finished all 7 seasons of El Internado (It’s on Netflix) like a month or two ago and it was so good 😭

AG was having a great sale for Memorial Day so I bought a few things 😉 Maybe, I’ll do a haul!

I listen to so many songs that it would take forever to think of them all and type them down so I’ll share songs I’ve been listening to the past couple days 😉 I like different songs on different days so this will probably change in a couple days. All of these songs, except for IDSB (which is kind of neutral) have a summer-y vibe to me 😉

1. The Middle by Maren Morris, Zedd and Grey.

2. I Did Something Bad by Taylor Swift.

3. Stay by Alessia Cara and Zedd.

4. What If by Johnny Orlando and Mackenzie Ziegler.

5. Picture This by Annie LeBlanc.

Not to much happened to my blog this month. Well, I celebrated my 2-year blogiversary (which I was surprised on how much you guys like that post 😊)!

Well, I am working on a ‘My Brother Answers AG Questions’! It’s basically done, I just have to type it all up (which is gonna take foreva cause Chance talked a lot, lol 😂 ).

Has anyone noticed that their really aren’t many bloggers anymore or if their are they don’t post much? I guess people are growing out of it and getting busy as they grow older.

Well, thanks for reading this post 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to comment down below!

‘Till next time,

My Two Year Blogiversary!

HELLO, GUYS! IT’S CHRISTIANA! GUESS WHAT?! IT’S MY TWO YEAR BLOGSIVERSARY! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Yes, I’m going to stop using all caps now 😀 Anyway, on May 16 2016, a 12 year-old girl named Kiki started this blog cause she loved reading doll photo-stories and wanted to create some of her own.  It was originally called AG by the Cape and was solely about dolls. She posted short, sorta junky posts just about every day and had a real love and passion for what she did. I’ve come a really long way; I’ve changed and matured. I’ve learned things about myself and how people are, and so many other things I can’t count them all. I won’t lie, my passion for blogging has went down a lot. I don’t really know why but I still post cause I don’t want to stop yet. I still love dolls and photography and reading your guys’ comments, I feel like this is a slow year for bloggers, ya know.

On a happier note, here’s some pictures of the last two years:






For some reason it won’t let me do any more mosaics 😦 Sorry, guys 😐

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I joined a Jewish youth group and have been pretty busy with life and stuff. The youth group is hosting a year-end banquet dinner on May 27. It’s black tie attire so I bought a dress and heels and I’m getting my hair and makeup done. This will be my first time dressing formal and stuff so I’m pretty excited 🙂 I’ll post pictures! I’m also very sorry for not posting part 3 of my trip to Orlando! It’s taking awhile cause there are soo many pictures and I haven’t had time lately. But I promise it’ll go up soon 😉

Well, thank you for taking time to read and follow my blog, I really appreciate it 🙂 To another 2 years!

Happy Shavuot,


My Trip to Orlando- Part 2

Greetings, Guys! Christiana here! And welcome to my trip to Orlando part two! Mostly, that day we were at the mall looking around and shopping and eating. Let’s begin!

IMG_2833 (2)

Here’s me at the AG store….smiling at the ground…… like a weirdo…

IMG_2831 (2)Chance is trying to make a random Maryellen photobomb my picture.

IMG_2830 (2)Which is making me laugh 😀 Anyway, you’re probably wondering: what’s in the bag? Well, I got Nanea’s dog, Mele (renamed Lilac) cause she looks just like Lily and Nanea’s Palaka outfit! I maybe would’ve got another outfit but a lot of stuff was out of stock. Anyway, I really love both items and I truly recommend them 🙂

After this we went to Hot Topic (<3) and maybe some other stores? (I can’t remember them all 😀 ).

IMG_2837 (2)Then Carlos Bakery cause my Mom and Dad have always wanted to do that. It was ok, we just had breakfast 😛 They actually just opened a bakery (his pastries are better here) and restaurant of his in San Antonio. We’re going to try the restaurant for the first time this week for my Dad’s birthday.


Chance trying to be a tough critic 😀

After this we went to a whole lot of other stores (Adidas, Yankee candle, Box Lunch (<3), Ron Jon’s, etc.)

So, that day was fun 😉 Sorry, there weren’t that many pics but I’ll make it up to you in part three when I go to Universal!

Ciao (I’m watching a lot of Spanish TV right now 😀 ),




I hit 200?! + Address change!

I hit 200
I took this picture, btw 😉

What’s up, Guys? It’s Christiana! I’m very excited to announce that I have hit 200 followers! For some reason it took me awhile; the follows kept on fluctuating, like if I gained one follower I lost two. But now I have finally hit it! Thank you so much, Guys! What should I do to celebrate? Any ideas?

Anyway, here are my stats of all the years I’ve been blogging combined: I’ve made 161 posts (counting this one), I’ve had 19, 831 views, 5,014 visitors, 201 follows, besides my self the next top commenter is, Hamstermaniac and that’s really it! I’ve also gotten views in so many other countries ( thank you so much) but it would take me forever to type them all down!

Also, I have changed my site’s address, if you didn’t know. When I first started this blog my Dad helped me set it up and we didn’t really know what we were doing ( 😀 ), so that’s why the address before was I’ve been thinking about changing the address for awhile but got to scared and stuff. Last night/this morning at like 1:30 AM (I finally went to bed at 2:30..hehe…), I changed it to,! Hopefully, with the new address I’ll be able to have more traffic 🙂

Well, thanking for reading this post and following my blog! Comment down below any ideas for how to celebrate! And I promise I’ll get Part 2 posted soon!



My Trip to Orlando- Part 1

Hey, Guys! It’s Christiana! Today, I have for you my first day-ish in Orlando! Let’s get started!

We arrived in Orlando on February 28 in the after noon. We would’ve got there a little earlier but we had a delay. Here are a some pictures I took out of the planes’ window. When the sun was rising, it was so bright I thought I was going to go blind 😛



DSC_0746.jpgOnce, we finally got out of the airport and into the rental car, I took some pictures out of the clear, spotless car window!




DSC_07488 (3)

DSC_0767Once, we met up with my Dad at the hotel and got settled in our room, we went to check out the pool area. I brought my camera and found this little guy ❤

DSC_0759Maybe, I should of zoomed in more….







DSC_07666After, we looked around and I finished taking pics, we ate dinner at Pollo Tropical but they changed it and I was so upset. See, they used to have PT in TX but they got rid of it so I was happy to eat it again until I found out they changed the menu. The sauce was still good, though 😉

Well, Thank you for reading/looking at this post! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 What’s your favorite photo? Do you like traveling and taking pictures? Have you ever been to Florida? Tell me in the comments down below!

Until next time,

BeFunky2Ps: My ‘About Me’ page is complete for now! Click HERE to view it 😉


Meet Alice with Bluebonnets- Photo-shoot + Story

What’s up, Guys? Christiana here! Today, I have for you a photo-shoot with my new doll and the Texas state flower: Bluebonnets! My Mom was driving once and saw this huge area of bluebonnets and thought of me! Thank you so much, Mom ❤ The Asian doll I got was, Z Yang! It’s actually a very long story how I got her so, I’ll tell you guys about it at the end 😉 Also, I re-named her Mary-Alice Violet Harper Yang-Davis ( She prefers Alice, if you please) 🙂 If you’re a Twihard you’ll understand the name 😉 Without, further ado here are the pictures!






















Wasn’t Alice just so adorable?! 😍I’ve been wanting an Asian doll for so long and I’m just very happy I was able to get her before she retires 🙂

Here’s a little bonus pic that my Mom took of me!

Anyway, the story about the process of getting her goes a little like this: Once upon a time it was a dark and stormy night. Just kidding! I ordered her the night of Mar 12 and she arrived in the mail on St. Patrick’s Day. When I opened her up, I thought she was kinda cute but she didn’t look like other Z’s I’ve seen. I took out her pigtails and her was so crimped and wavy!! That is a big no-no for me. I spritzed water and brushed her hair trying to straighten it up for an hour maybe longer. It helped a little but still bugged me like crazy. I took of her clothes to look at the perma-panties and noticed some more problems. Yay. Her shoulders were very narrow and her stomach and hips were big (perma-pantie problems) which made her clothes not fit properly. I put Lea’s celebration dress on her and I noticed her head wasn’t centered (WHY AG??) I told my parents all this and they were very annoyed upset with me saying that I’m being ‘to fixated’. Next night my Dad’s like ‘I’m considering going to Houston tomorrow’. And I was like ‘Oh, why?’ I thought my dream of returning her was over. Next morning at 6 Am we were getting ready for the 3 and a half hour drive to Houston. We basically listened to Taylor Swift the whole ride while Chance was sleeping. We finally got there at 10:30 AM. I pulled down a couple Z’s at a time critically examining each and everyone setting aside my faves and comparing. Yes, I did get nasty looks from people while I was sitting on the ground comparing. The employees and this little girl totally got me though 😉 It didn’t take me long to find ‘the one’ but I still went through to make sure. You wouldn’t believe how different they all were! Some were just put together sloppy! Like on one of them, the eye painting wasn’t straight or the mole was long or small or stray hairs on the hairline or thin faces or the lips were to popped out or teeth weren’t centered, etc. Just stuff that bothers serious AG collectors 😉 I tried to pick one that had: a decent mole, straight-ish and dark-ish eye paint (cause it looks like eyeliner 😍), a centered head, a lot of red-violet highlights, a chubby face, loose pigtails (no crimping), broader shoulders, flatter lips, and i think that’s it. As you can see my standards are very high 😜 I went through about 20-25? I don’t know 😀 Then I compared the one I picked to the one I was returning, just in case 😉 The one I picked was sooo much cuter though! I got her ears pierced while I was there and that’s it!

Well, thank you very much for reading! Wasn’t Alice the cutest? 😍Weren’t the flowers beautiful? Are you picky about dolls? Tell me in the comments down below!

Bye and happy, Passover 🙂How do you like the new sign-off?


February/March Synopsis- 2018

Hello, Guys! Yes, I know it’s almost been a month (eek, the longest and first break I never planned). I do have some good excuses for this break though and also- it’s Christiana. I thought now would be a good time to use my real name 🙂

LifeFebruary 28 we went on a little family vacation to Orlando and we came back March 4. The flight there was terrible; I’m not really allowed to say what happened but if it didn’t happen I wouldn’t be able to buy something I wanted for a long time (look at the other stuff/fandom section to find out what I got!). The flight back to Texas was so great though it really made up for the first one (except it didn’t have any movies) 🙂 We went to Universal for the first time (HARRY POTTER!!!) I got an interactive wand and had to return it twice (malfunctions), drank two things of frozen butterbeer very quickly, ate at the Three Broomsticks, went on Escape From Gringotts and Forbidden journey twice, walked so many miles my feet, legs, and ankles hurt so bad I looked a crippled old person, met and got a pic with Ro the raptor, got a Slytherin shirt, waited in some long lines, got soaked on the Jurassic Park ride, heard Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom, experienced anxiety and adrenaline, went on the awkward Hogwarts express ride, also experienced very rude people who would push me out of the way or cut in line when I was doing some very important spells (using my interactive wand). I have tons of pictures but I will not be posting them in this post since this post has a lot going on, but I will in my next one. It will be a 2-parter!

Passover is coming up soon and I have nothing to wear so I’m trying to find dress which is very hard for me, unfortunately.

I’m really trying to improve my photography but I don’t exactly know what I should do. Any advice?

I was going to post this yesterday but I’m glad I didn’t cause I gave myself a deep cut while cutting up watermelon. And I had to get three stitches (well, technically the first one was a mess up). We were at the clinic for 3 hours. Before, they stitch they have to numb the area by shot and he said it’s going to feel like bee sting. Well, I’ve never been stung before but let’s just say it hurt really, really bad, I want to know what a bee sting feels like. The actually getting stitched up was fine on the third stitch I could feel it though. They said it’ll be healed in a week.

WARNING: The first image shows a deep cut but the second image shows my stitches and a lot of blood! If you can’t handle blood or deep cuts, quickly skip them, please.


Fandom Well, guess what, I got an Asian doll! I’ve wanted one for a long time so I’m happy to be adding to the Davis family 🙂 The name has already been picked out. Guess which one I got in the comments down below!

I’m currently reading the Twilight series. I started in October and I’m only on book 2. Why am I so slow? (wait, I know cause I’d rather be on the internet than read :P) Like literally, my Mom and I were both reading on the plane back to TX (I was reading New Moon (obviously) and my Mom was reading the first one) she read like 150 pages and I read like 40 pages in a 3 hour period. Well, I was also slow cause of distractions- like watching a little girl get spanked by her Mom for not listening *giggles*.

I have three ideas for a book series (one a romance, one a adventure and one a horror) but I don’ know if they will ever get anywhere out of my head.

I’m totally binge-watching The Office right now. It’s like one of the funniest shows ever 😀 As I type this I’m watching it.

The Last Jedi comes out on dvd soon and Solo hits the theaters soon. I’m not really to excited to see Solo, he’s never been my favorite character and the trailer wasn’t very appealing.

I saw Coco recently and it was very good. It’s different than most Pixar movies.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald comes out November and I’m excited to see it!

UpdatesI’m so close to 200 followers!

I have changed my blog name and design! How do you like it? I will be changing the URL soon, too. I’m just taking awhile cause I’m scared 😀

I will be updating my ‘Meet Me’ page (look there if you don’t know how to pronounce my name) and all of my dolls pages and adding my new mystery doll and Levi very soon.

Isn’t the ‘Blog Updates’ image so eye-catching??

I’ll try to either finish TMVOT or start a new photo-story. Yeah, I’ll think start a new series 😀 Any ideas?

Well, thank you for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Don’t forget to comment down below!

Bye, I do not have a signoff at this time, sadly.

Recovery and I met a Real Holocaust Survivor!

Hey, Guys! It’s Kiki🙂 Today, I have for you my sinus dilation info recovery thing and how I met a real life holocaust survivor. Let’s begin!

Well, I’ll start off by saying my procedure went great! I was very nervous, only got about 4 hours of sleep. I did have to get an IV (that through me for a loop. They kinda freak me out a little) and yes, it hurt. I could literally feel the the cold liquid go up my arm, then the lights got a little blurry and I was out. When I woke I thought it was a dream; I did not think I was actually finished but my Mom was there so it had to be real. I was skeptical for awhile though 😛

One of they guys back there was disappointed that I wasn’t loopy like most teens. Saying weirdness was like the last thing I was thinking about. I was very groggy. I had to wear this little gauze thing under my nose (to catch any blood that might fall) and they decorated it with a little felt mustache. All the blood went down my throat so when I coughed it was blood (my Mom called just to make sure it was normal and it was).

Last, last Sunday, we went to the same holocaust museum in THIS post and heard this very nice old woman’s Holocaust story. Now, in my other post I also met a survivor but her story was different cause she wasn’t in the camps or anything like that. This woman experienced the camps first hand.When you hear a story like that you start thinking about how you have it so easy. How you’re so blessed. She had to go through things other people couldn’t even imagine.

She encourages kids to always tell your parents you love them cause you never know what might happen. She never got say good bye to her parents. When she said that, it really made me think and put my self in her shoes. It made me think how we take family for granted and how every moment is precious.

Well, thank you for reading this post 🙂 Have you ever met someone who was living history?

Bye for now,

WOAH WOAH, wait! I need some help first. So, if you remember in THIS post I was all on the self-hosting thing well, I decided I’m not ready for that commitment and stuff at this moment but I still want to make a new blog or change this blog.  The thing is if I change this blog: I’ll have less picture space, it’ll be a whatever blog (dolls and life), I won’t have that fresh new start, etc.  If I make a new blog: I won’t have my follower/view base I have now, It won’t be my first blog, It’ll be a change (yeah, I have a problem with that). So, please comment down below what you would do or if you have any advice or such! I’m really struggling with this so I’d really appreciate it 🙂


I’m Getting a Surgery (It’s technically a Procedure but Whatever) and Autumn photo-shoot with Caro!

Greetings! Kiki here 😉 Today, I have for you details on my upcoming procedure and a late fall photo-shoot of my beautiful doll, Carolina. Let’s delve!


So, on February 9 (Aka FIRDAY) I’m getting a surgery procedure to help with my breathing and sinuses (You guys now I have really bad allergies). It’s called Sinus Dilation. You see, my tissues in my nose are so inflamed that I only have narrow opening to breathe through, the Doctor said it’s like breathing through coffee straws! That’s why I’m always sick. So, they are basically going to be getting rid of the inflamed tissue. Which will allow my sinuses and nose to not be full all the time. This procedure will not last long, about 20 minutes, I think. I was nervous but not anymore cause I know now I’ll be ‘out’. I’m actually quite excited to not get sick as much. Now, here’s Caro!


DSC_0568 (3)


DSC_0571 (2)


DSC_0580 (2)


DSC_0583 (2)

DSC_0586 (3)


DSC_0594 (2)

DSC_0595 (2)


DSC_0597 (3)

DSC_0598 (2)

DSC_0599 (2)

DSC_0600 (2)

DSC_0602 (2)

DSC_0604 (2)

DSC_0606 (2)

DSC_0611 (2)

DSC_0612 (2).JPG

I actually had to do this shoot twice cause the first time I did it all the photos mysteriously disappeared and they were on there. I was very upset that night… Anyway, another little fun fact is that I took these photos on Dec 4, the leaves were finally colorful and fell and it was like 70 degrees; I was wearing shorts and all that. 3 days later it’s 30 degrees and snowing a couple inches (which hasn’t happened in years!). Texas weather, man, I’m tellin’ ya; it’s crazy.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! What was your favorite pic of Caro? Have you ever had surgery or procedure before? Tell me in the comments down below!

Thanks for reading,


The Blue Sky Tag

Hello mellonins! It’s Kiki 🙂 I recently got tagged by Kaitlyn for The Blue Sky Tag! Thanks, Kait! So, let’s get started!


1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer there 11 questions
3. Tag 11 new people
4. Give them 11 more questions to answer


1. Who was your first doll that you got? (doesn’t have to be AG)                                 Well, I’m going to stick to AG cause it’s easier 😀 December 25, 2009 I got two dolls for Christmas, Ruthie Smithens and Chrissa Maxwell. I opened Ruthie first so ‘technically’ Ruthie was my first doll. In autumn 2014, I gave away Ruthie to a girl that I was sort of friends with cause I didn’t want her anymore.                                                                             2. What’s your favorite American Girl doll?                                                                       Ooh, that’s tough. Too tough. I’m just going to give a list 😀 For Gotys I like: Marisol Luna, Mia St. Clair, Chrissa Maxwell, Sonali Matthews, Lanie Holland, Kanani Akina, Saige Copeland, Isabelle Palmer, Grace Thomas, Lea Clark and Luciana Vega.

For Historical/Beforevers I like: Felicity Merriman (the old version), Emily Bennett, Rebecca Rubin, Marie-Grace Gradner, Maryellen Larkin and Nanea Mitchell.

For Other Dolls I like: Z and Tenney.
3. If you could design any thing for American Girl, what would it be?                         The Girl of The Year and her collection!
4. How did you learn about American Girl?                                                                        Ever since I can remember I liked them. I used to get the magazines. I really loved Felicity for awhile but I later changed my mind to Ruthie 😉
5. What’s your favorite AG pet?                                                                                                      I don’t know, I don’t really care about the pets that much. I only own Praline but I like Nanea’s dog cause she looks like, Lily 😀
6. What’s your favorite item AG sells?                                                                                    Um, almost all of them.
7. What 18 inch doll brand do you like to buy from?                                                           Uh, American Girl.
8. Who’s your favorite AGTuber?                                                                                         Mmm, I don’t watch much AG YT but I like Small Dolls in a Big World, AG smiles, Forever and Dollways and Chloe’s American Girl Doll Channel.
9. Who’s your favorite BeForever character?                                                                     Rebecca and Nanea.
10. What’s your favorite thing to do with your dolls?                                                   Photograph them, dress them, do their hair and of course blog about them!
11. What’s your favorite kind of doll related post?                                                                Photo-shoots, review posts, clothing hauls, or anything fashion-related, Bloggers thoughts on new AG releases and I think that’s it. 












Just re-answer these questions cause they’re pretty great😜

I’m one short  and I don’t care 😄 Well, thanks for reading 🙂 Comment down below: What is your favorite AG doll American Girl has ever made? Or you could just give a list like I did 😀



I Finally Got a Camera and Possible Changes…?


Greetings, Guys! It’s Kiki here! Today, I have for you a post I’ve been dreaming of making since last year: The I got a Camera post! I received my Nikon D3400 for Hanukkah, I was very surprised. My Mom actually tricked me cause, I unwrapped my gift and it was a Nikon box, so I was like “Oh, you got me a camera!” Then my Mom said “Sorry, it’s just a box”, in a seriously convincing voice. So, I was second guessing myself but was still suspicious how my parents’ got a Nikon box. When I opened up the box I was like, “You tricked me!”

Anyway, I’m so, so grateful to my parents’ 😊 Now, here is a little photo-shoot of Chrissa and maybe some pictures of my dog, Lily. I will also do pros and cons and my favorite features 😉 Let’s begin, shall we?









Isn’t Chrissa just beautiful in these pictures?

Now, I’ll go onto the pros and cons 🙂

Some pros: It’s extremely user-friendly (which is great cause I got another camera off eBay in October and sent it back (it was heavily used and old) and that manual and settings were very hard to understand), long battery life, super lightweight, it’s small, the guide button which also goes with user friendly, etc. Mostly, what I love about it is how user-friendly it is 😀

Cons: I mean I just got it less than a month ago so I haven’t found really anything bad with it but I hear it’s video audio isn’t the best. I haven’t had the chance to put it in video mode yet, though.

Now, I’m going onto the ‘changes’ part of this post 😀

Well, I’m really considering buying a domain! I have thought about this idea for awhile but got more serious a couple weeks ago. I love KTTL-G but I’m ready for a change. Something more professional and me. I have already picked out a name, but that’s not going to be disclosed until I buy it 😉 I don’t really know when it will be released; I need time to work every thing out (probably around the summer time). This blog will not be strictly about AG (as much as I love it, it can be hard to only post about it). I know most bloggers do this thing called a “Launch Tour”. If a nice person would tell me in the comments what it is and how to do it I might do it when I buy it and stuff (I’m very out of the loop, bear with me 😄)! If you guys are interested, of course 🙂

So, thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Do you have a camera or want one? What do you think of self-hosting? Do you know what a Launch tour is?

Till, next time,

Ps: Here’s some Lily pictures:








AG Doll Wishlist- 2018

Hello, Guys! Kiki here! Today, I have for you my 2018 American Girl Doll wish-list! I went to the pop-up AG store in Austin today. I had a very nice time and I got to see what dolls I want in person! It did change my thoughts on what dolls I want next. Now, here is my wish-list 🙂

1: Nanea

tile_1                             Once, I found out they were going to be adding a Hawaiian to Beforever I was very happy because, I used to really regret not getting Kanani. I also love that she has a unique face mold. Bea, recently poseted a picture of her Nanea (renamed Magnolia) and I was like that heart-eyed emoji! I was surprised by how cute she was! I mean she looks cute on the internet but in person and in different pictures (Like Bea’s), she looks way cuter!

2: Rebecca

th                                          This doll was on my wish-list last year, as well. Ever since she came out all those years ago, I’ve always been attracted to her. I remember when I was 5/6 printing out her picture and bringing the paper to restaurants and stuff. I do prefer her original outfit but, the only thing I can do about that is buying her on ebay. Besides, all that she has this super cute/ innocent look (that I love!) and she’s Jewish 😉

3: Number 64

thSGSNI18Y                                           This doll is still on my wish-list. I will eventually get her someday 😀 Anyway, I like her because she’s Asian (I don’t have one in my collection yet) and because she has the painted eyes. Some other Truly Me Asian dolls do not. One of the employees was really trying to ‘sell’ me Z because I told her I like #64 better. Because my Mom and I wanted to see Z next to #64 to compare. I mean you might think they’re basically the same but, they’re actually really different! I don’t know which one I like better, so I guess Z should be on this list 😀

4: Luciana

Luciana Meet Stock SQ

I don’t care for Luciana’s ‘story’ for some reasons (it would be very long if I explained it all 😀 ) but I think she’s pretty cute and I like her purple streak. Yes, it’s permanent, if you were wondering 😉 I also like her outfit collection. I put my name in for a drawing for Luciana, so we’ll see 🙂

5: Tenney

05BUN03_Tenney_Doll_Book_Accessories_DVM11_DVM05_1                                                                 In person, she’s really pretty! Her eyes are a really pretty light brown and I actually like her freckle pattern. Her hair is very beautiful and I love her outfit collection.


How was your Guy’s New Year/Eve? I had a nice new Year’s Eve. My Mom made heavy hors-d’oeuvres and we watched The Hobbit (I would’ve rather watched the second one 😀 ). And of course, New Year’s day was great 😉 What doll or dolls are on your 2018 wishlist?

Truly Me American BOY Dolls?!?

What’s up, Guys? It’s Kiki 😉 AG has done something incredibly shocking. I didn’t even see it coming. I should have. Here it is:


Yes, Truly Me American boy dolls. I guess for now they only have these four: A Asian, a blondie, a African-American, and a Hispanic.

Here are some outfits for them, as well. Can you guys believe it? I feel like AG isn’t as “special” anymore. Like, well, it’s hard to explain but you get what I mean, right?

Tell me in the comments down below your thoughts 🙂



Ps: Credit to: The Rocky Top Dolls for these images.